PastureGard® HL herbicide


Active Ingredient: triclopyr + fluroxypyr


  • Selective control of woody plants and brush
  • Thorough translocation kills hard-to-control brush like blackberry, rose and privet
  • Excellent control of other tough woody species, including wax myrtle, sweet gum, persimmon, osage orange (bois d’arc)
  • The standard for Sericea lespedeza control
  • Ideal for sites where excellent weed control without residual control is desirable
  • New high-load formulation is easier on rubber seals in sprayers
  • Odor in new high-load formulation is improved - comparable with most herbicides
  • Tank-mix flexibility with ForeFront® HL or GrazonNext® HL herbicides when a wide mix of woody plants and broadleaf weeds is present, or when residual weed control is desired
  • Does not contain 2,4-D
  • Is not a Restricted Use Pesticide
  • Gentle to desirable grasses
  • Absorbed through foliage and stems
  • May be safely used around the roots of desirable trees; avoid drift to tree foliage

Treatment methods:

Aerial Broadcast
Ground Broadcast
High-Volume Foliar

Labels & Safety Data Sheets

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