Tordon® 22K herbicide


Active Ingredient: picloram


  • Excellent choice for most noxious and invasive weeds
  • Provides soil residual for lasting perennial weed control
  • Translocates for more complete control of top growth and roots
  • Safe to desirable grasses
  • Reduces encroaching brush
  • No grazing restrictions except for lactating dairy animals
  • Offers flexible rate programs
  • Use on rangeland and permanent grass pastures, fallow cropland, non-cropland and CRP.

Treatment methods:

Ground Broadcast
Aerial Broadcast
Soil-Spot Concentrate

Leafy Spurge

Labels & Safety Data Sheets

Other Product-Related Literature (PDF formats):
pdf icon Leafy Spurge Invasive Watch (667KB PDF)
pdf icon Pricklypear Management After Wildfire (5MB PDF)
pdf icon Herbicide Sprayer Cleaning Instructions Fact Sheet (74KB PDF)
pdf icon Invasive Fact Sheet - Chinese Tallowtree (290KB PDF)
pdf icon Range and Pasture Worker Protection Standard Guidelines Quick Reference (26KB PDF)

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