Cut Stump

cut stump
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Best for:

  • Preventing resprouts on mechanically controlled brush
  • Killing stumps for good
  • Year-round use
  • Light to moderate brush densities


  • Always read and follow label directions
  • Spray sides of stump and the outer portion of the cut surface, including the cambium ring along the inner bark
  • Thoroughly wet the stem and root collar area, but not to the point of runoff
  • Treat any time of year, as long as snow or water doesn’t prevent proper application
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Herbicide Recommendations:

  • Remedy® Ultra herbicide: Tank-mix with a commercial basal oil or other oil-based carrier, such as diesel fuel, fuel oil, kerosene (see mixing chart below)

Cut-stump Tank-mix Guide

Sprayer Size

25% Solution (25% Remedy Ultra+ 75% Oil-based Carrier)

1 gallon

1 qt Remedy Ultra + 3 qts oil-based carrier

3 gallons

3 qts Remedy Ultra + 9 qts (2 gallons, 1 qt) oil-based carrier

20 gallons

5 gallons Remedy Ultra + 15 gallons oil-based carrier

50 gallons

12.5 gallons Remedy Ultra + 37.5 gallons oil-based carrier

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