Multiflora Rose

Description: Deciduous shrub, 10 x 15 feet, climbing, long, slender, arching branches. Moderately prickly, sometimes thornless.

Leaves: Odd-pinnate (usually seven or nine leaflets), obovate to oblong, 1.5–3 cm long, serrate, pubescent, persisting into winter.

Flowers: White, about 2 cm across, many in large, conical clusters (panicle), fragrant.

Fruit: Red, 6 mm, globular to egg-shaped hip.


Application Timing:
Foliar application can be made from spring leaf development through to plant senescence in the fall with optimum timing is during flowering.
Successful foliar spraying depends on thoroughly wetting all leaf and green stem tissue using a herbicide effective during that part of the growing season.
Dense infestations in hedgerow situations are best controlled by spraying from both sides.
Avoid application within 9-12 months after mowing or when plants have a high percentage of new growth.

3.3 ounces per acre of Chaparral™ herbicide OR
1.5 pints per acre of ForeFront® HL herbicide PLUS 1 to 2 pints per acre of Remedy® Ultra herbicide.