Scientific Name: Asclepias spp.

Family: Asclepiadaceae

Structure: Erect, mostly simple; pubescence soft.

Life Cycle: Perennial. Reproduces from rhizomes and seeds.

Leaves: Opposite; blades simple, oblong to broadly ovate, tip rounded and with a small point, margins entire, surfaces pubescent.

Flowers: Pink or rose to purple, rarely white or greenish-white, fragrant; corolla lobes eliptic-lanceolate; flower hoods are horn-like.

Roots: Fibrous, shallow.


4 pints of Grazon® P+D herbicide per acre. Add a surfactant at the manufacturer’s recommended rate to improve wetting of foliage; OR

1 pint of Tordon® 22K herbicide plus 1 lb active ingredient 2,4-D per acre plus surfactant; OR

3-4 pints/acre of PastureGard® herbicide.

Treatment Timing:

Must be applied after emergence and before fall color shows.