Yankee Weed (Rosin weed)

Scientific Name: Eupatorium compositifolium

Family: Asteraceae

Structure: Grows 1–4 feet tall. Roots send up stems. Grows in colonies and can take over a pasture. Closely related to dogfennel. Sometimes also called rosinweed. Abundant in overgrazed pastures and disturbed areas of sandy soil.

Leaves: Leaves divided into thin segments.

Flowers: Many tiny white flowers.

Roots: Shallow taproot.


Application Timing: See individual product recommendations below.

3.0 ounces per acre of Chaparral™ herbicide; OR

2 to 4 pints of Grazon® P+D herbicide per acre. Use lower labeled rate in the rate range when weeds are small and actively growing. Increase rate within labeled rate range as season progresses and plants become more mature. Use ammonium sulfate to enhance performance