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Broadway Star contains pyroxsulam and florasulam; Spitfire contains florasulam
and fluroxypyr; Starane contains fluroxypur;. Unite contains pyroxsulam and .

Spitfire controls broad-leaved weeds in cereal crops

Based on a unique combination of tried and trusted florasulam and fluroxypyr,
Spitfire keeps on working whether it's cool, warm or when diurnal temperatures ...

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Mustang | Spain | Dow AgroSciences. Mustang es un herbicida de cereal y maíz
compuesto por dos sustancias activas (2,4-D y florasulam). Presenta una alta ...


Apr 30, 2015 ... and florasulam Technical Hotline: 0800 689 8899 | UKHotline@ | www. January 2014. For Weed Control in Game .

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Kamille), Kornblume und Co. Wirkstoffe: 25 g/l Florasulam + 300 g/l Clopyralid.

Junction controls broad-leaved weeds in managed amenity turf

Product information. Junction® is a micro-emulsion containing 6.25 g/litre
florasulam and 452 g/litre 2,4-D as the ethylhexyl ester (300 g/litre acid

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Active Ingredient: Florasulam. Profile. When it's too cold for other herbicides to be
effective, Defendor® specialty herbicide provides early season control of .

Broadway Star | Ireland | Dow AgroSciences

... need for success. With contact and residual activity from pyroxsulam and
florasulam, Broadway Star will protect yield and help in the fight against

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Oct 19, 2015 ... A micro-emulsion formulation containing 6.25 g/litre florasulam, a
triazolopyrimidine herbicide and 300 gae/litre 2,4-D, a phenoxycarboxylic .

Spitfire and Volunteer Beans

Oct 11, 2010 ... Proven autumn volunteer bean control that consistently out performs straight
florasulam. ▫ 0.5 L/ha + adjuvantϕ – up to 4 true leaves. ▫ 0.75 L/ha ...