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Junction controls broad-leaved weeds in managed amenity turf

Product information. Junction® is a micro-emulsion containing 6.25 g/litre
florasulam and 452 g/litre 2,4-D as the ethylhexyl ester (300 g/litre acid

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Etiket. Vraag om veiligheidsgegevenskaart. HERBICIDE. Kart®.
TOELATINGSNUMMER : 13290 N. Werkzame stoffen : fluroxypyr (100 g/L) en
florasulam (1 g/L).

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Star contains pyroxsulam and florasulam. All other brand names used in this
document are trademarks of other manufacturers in which proprietary rights may

Spring Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye and Triticale

SPITFIRE® contains fluroxypyr and florasulam. Broadway Star contains
pyroxsulam and florasulam. Technical Hotline: 0800 689 8899 | UKHotline@dow.
com ...

Spitfire Technical Information Sheet - Autumn

and florasulam. Technical Hotline: 0800 689 8899 | | http:// October 2014. For Control of Broad-leaved Weeds in Winter ...

Cereal FAQs

Which other ALS-inhibitor herbicides can be used in sequence or tank mix with
florasulam containing products, Galaxy, Broadway Star and Starane 2

Safety Data Sheet

Mar 10, 2014 ... Index. 613-230-00-7. —. 0.58 %. Florasulam (ISO). Aquatic Acute, 1, H400.
Aquatic Chronic, 1, H410. CAS-No. 68131-39-5. EC-No. 500-195-7.

Using Conclude on Barley and Cereal Crops

Florasulam 5g/ha. (Conclude 700mL/ha). Eclipse® 7g/ha. Starane™ 500mL.
Bedstraw Control. 100. 80. 60. 40. 20. 0% Visual Control. Conclude 700mL.

Torpedo* Herbicide use in Ester Exclusion Zones

onclude Torpedo. Common name. Florasulam + Clopyralid. Formulation. 50g/L
Florasulam + 300g/L Clopyralid. Herbicide group. Group B and Group I. Adjuvant.

GF-184 controls cleavers and broad-leaved weeds

And it will control a range of other broad-leaved weeds too, including brassicas,
mayweed, groundsel and volunteer OSR. The unique blend of florasulam and ...