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Weed Identification - Chokecherry

Chockcherry information and herbicide control options.

DAS LVE 600 MCPA Herbicide label

Tordon™ 242 Herbicide, Torpedo™ Herbicide, triasulfuron,. Tribunil® and
Wildcat®. When mixing with diclofop-methyl, add an approved surfactant and do
not ...

Descargar etiqueta

En preplantación de pino insigne o eucalipto, bajar la dosis de Garlon® 4 si se
usa en mezcla con Tordon® 24K y/o Panzer®. INCOMPATIBILIDAD: No mezclar

Lorsban™ NT Insecticide

MCPA Amine. Tordon™ 202C Liquid Herbicide. 2,4-D Amine. 2,4-D Ester. NOTE:
If Lorsban NT Insecticide is added first, it may settle out and cause plugging of ...

Ripper 480 Herbicide label

... metsulfuron, MCPA LVE, Monza1®, Oust1®, pendimethalin, Starane™
Advanced, simazine# flowable or granular, Tordon™ 75-D, triasulfuron and


Togar BT. Areas Naturales Pasturas, Descargar Folleto (2MB PDF) Descargar
Etiqueta (90KB PDF) Descargar Hojas de Seguridad (202KB PDF). Tordon 101.


Tordon 22K herbicide per acre. OR 6 pts. of Surmount herbicide per acre. Low-
Volume Basal: Apply Remedy Ultra herbicide tank-mixed with a commercial
basal ...

Dow AgroSciences Fast Facts

Dow AgroSciences LLC, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, is a top-tier
agricultural company providing innovative agricultural and biotechnology
solutions ...

Amine 625 Herbicide label

Spray•Seed®, Starane™ Advanced, Tordon™ 75-D, methabenzthiazuron® and
propiconazole 250 g/L. NOTE: 1. As formulations of other manufacturers' ...

Torpedo Herbicide label

Starane™ Advanced or Tordon™ 242. Tank mixes must be applied at the
appropriate labelled cereal growth stage for the partner herbicide and rate. For
best ...