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product I really like for spurge is Tordon 22K. When we put it on right, it works.”
Ron Moss Invasive Weed Coordinator. PFRA, Dauphin MB. “We run a cow calf ...


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Amine 625 Herbicide label

Spray•Seed®, Starane™ Advanced, Tordon™ 75-D, methabenzthiazuron® and
propiconazole 250 g/L. NOTE: 1. As formulations of other manufacturers' ...


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Satellite Technology Boosts Effectiveness Of Aerial Weed Control

Kevin says the majority of spraying work takes place between September and
February, “but Tordon gives us the flexibility to spray a month either side of that ...

Línea de Pasturas

Pastar®, Tocon®, Tordon® D30, Togar® BT y Preside® son herbicidas para el
control de renovales y malezas en pasturas implantadas. Guía de productos ...

Grazon Herbicide

In these situations apply Tordon™ Brushkiller or add Boost™ Penetrant. • Aerial
applications will usually require some follow up ground treatment. GROUP. O3.

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... Garlon 3A · Garlon 4 Ultra · Milestone · Opensight · Pathfinder II · Pathway ·
Rodeo · Spike 80DF · Tordon 101 Mixture · Tordon K · Transline · Vista XRT.

Fringed Sagewort

3–4 pints of Grazon P+D herbicide per acre. Grazon P+D and Tordon 22K are
federally Restricted Use Pesticides. Always read and follow label directions.

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