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Fall Is An Excellent Time To Control Canada Thistle

Tordon* 1.5 pt/a. Banvel^ 1 qt/a. Percent control. Milestone*. * Trademark of Dow
AgroSciences ^Trademark of Micro Flo Company LLC. Evaluations at 1 year ...

Súper Ganaderia

Tordon* 101 Herbicida ... Pica Pica Platanillo Zarzas, Tordon* 101 Herbicida
Etiqueta · Tordon* 101 Herbicida Hoja de Seguridad. Tordon* 472 Herbicida ...

Satellite Technology Boosts Effectiveness Of Aerial Weed Control

Kevin says the majority of spraying work takes place between September and
February, “but Tordon gives us the flexibility to spray a month either side of that ...

Application Tips and Training - Equipment

The proper equipment is essential to making effective herbicide applications.
Whether it's calibration or tank-mixing, learn how to do it properly and improve
your ...

Galant® Plus R

En los cultivos de raps, nabo forrajero y col forrajera, puede aplicarse en mezcla
con Tordon® 24K en dosis de. 125 - 200 cc/ha o Lontrel® 3A en dosis de 150 ...

California Thistle (Cirsium arvense)

Spot-spraying with a knapsack – Versatill* or Tordon* Weed wiper – Versatill or T
-MAX herbicides. Select, T-MAX and Versatill are registered pursuant to the ...

Herbisitler | Dow AgroSciences Türkiye

Tordon 101 · Dow AgroSciences : Turkey / Ürünlerimiz / Herbisitler. Çevrimiçi
Gizlilik Politikası · Kullanım koşulları · Yardım;. Copyright © The Dow Chemical ...

Pasture Protection

Tordon* 75-D. Control of a wide range of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds
as a spot treatment as per the Directions For Use. Pasture Products – ...

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Raps, nabo forrajero y col forrajera: Se puede agregar Tordon® 24K en dosis de
125 a 200 cc/ha, para ampliar el espectro de control a malezas de hoja ancha.

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También es compatible con atrazina, simazina, MCPA, Garlon® y Tordon® entre
otros herbicidas. Panzer®. Gold puede ser mezclado con Goal® 2EC para ...