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Dow AgroSciences' New System Addresses Environmental Waste
Properly disposing of chemical containers can be costly in time and resources. The United States (U.S.) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that used pesticide containers be triple-rinsed, cut into pieces and specially bagged for disposal. Until recently, this process has been the industry norm. Now Continuum™ Prescription Control and Container Management System from Dow AgroSciences is a technological solution in addressing container disposal and is the future of herbicide acquisition.

The Continuum system, only available through Dow AgroSciences, allows Vegetation Managers and Forestry customers to purchase products from Dow AgroSciences or product mixes in returnable, refillable containers. And, as a result, users recognize significant savings. In five years, one returnable, refillable container saves $365 in container disposal fees compared to a normal container. Additionally, with the Continuum system, a fleet of 6,000 15-gallon containers displaces 585,000 one-way containers, thus reducing environmental waste.

Dow AgroSciences strives to manage our packaging systems in ways that foster safety, sound environmental stewardship and resource conservation. The Continuum system is just one demonstration of our commitment to Responsible Care® and best management practices.
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Learn more about the Continuum System on the U.S. Vegetation Management site.

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