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Product Handling Guides have been prepared as part of Dow AgroSciences' commitment to Responsible Care®. The guides include considerations for storage, handling and shipping as well as precautions, protective measures, and equipment for personnel handling the products. Product Handling Guides for various products are available as downloadable (printable) PDFs.

Telone® II and Telone C-17 Storage and Handling Guide (532KB PDF) 
Telone II and Telone C-17 Transportation Guide (442 KB PDF)
Telone II and Telone C-17 Stewardship Guide (383 KB PDF)
Bulk Storage and Handling Guide (389 KB PDF) 

Use the above Bulk Storage and Handling Guide in conjunction with Product Specific Supplements below.

Accord® Concentrate Herbicide (55KB PDF)
Accord XRT II Herbicide (52KB PDF)
Dimension® 2EW Herbicide (300KB PDF)
Duramax® and Durango® DMA Herbicides (55KB PDF)
ForeFront® Herbicide (53KB PDF)
FulTime® Herbicide (57KB PDF)
FulTime NXT Herbicide (52KB PDF)
Garlon® 3A Herbicide (54KB PDF)
Garlon 4 Ultra Herbicide (44KB PDF)
GrazonNext® Herbicide (51KB PDF)
Grazon® P+D Herbicide (52KB PDF)
Instinct® Nitrogen Stabilizer (38KB PDF)
Instinct II Nitrogen Stabilizer (417KB PDF)
Keystone® Herbicide (60KB PDF)
Keystone LA Herbicide (60KB PDF)
Keystone LA NXT Herbicide (57KB PDF)
Keystone NXT Herbicide (52KB PDF)
Lorsban® 4E Insecticide (71KB PDF)
Lorsban Advanced Insecticide (55KB PDF)
Milestone® VM Herbicide (45KB PDF)
Milestone VM Plus Herbicide (44KB PDF)
N-Serve® 24 Nitrogen Stabilizer (59KB PDF)
Sonalan® HFP Herbicide (49KB PDF)
SureStart® Herbicide (57KB PDF)
Surpass® EC Herbicide (51KB PDF)
Surpass NXT Herbicide (49KB PDF)
TopNotch® Herbicide (57KB PDF)
Tordon® 22K Herbicide (303KB PDF)
Treflan® HFP Herbicide (48KB PDF)
WideMatch® Herbicide (56KB PDF)

Access the Dow AgroSciences North American Warehouse and Terminal Manual. A UserID and password are required for access to this manual. Please contact Lloyd Wallace for more information.

®Responsible Care is a registered servicemark of American Chemistry Council (ACC)