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By 2050, the world’s food production systems must support an estimated 9 billion people, with a shrinking base of agricultural land and limited water resources. Dow AgroSciences combines the power of science and technology with the “human element” to discover and develop innovative agricultural solutions for a more sustainable world. We are committed to increasing crop productivity through higher yields, better varieties, and more targeted pest management. We develop innovative chemical and biotechnology solutions to meet the food, feed, and fiber needs of the world.

Omega-9 Oils Featured as “Innovation for Shared Value” in Harvard Business Review

In a recent Harvard Business Review article titled “Innovating for Shared Value”, the topic of corporations creating shared value was addressed. Defined in the article as embedding a social mission in the corporate culture and channeling resources to the development of innovations that can help solve social problems, our Omega-9 Oils were positioned as a premiere example of creating shared value and innovating to meet society’s needs and build a profitable enterprise. The authors discuss how numerous companies have realized the opportunity that exists in creating models that deliver social benefits and business value. The following excerpt outlines the multi-faceted benefits of our oils:

“Since their launch, in 2005, Nexera canola and sunflower seeds, used for making cooking oils, have become one of Dow Chemical’s best-selling product lines. The seeds and the oils offer many advantages: The seeds yield more than twice as much oil per hectare as soybeans, making them an attractive crop for farmers. The oils’ longer shelf and “fry” lives lower the operating costs of food manufacturers and food service companies. And, last but not least, the oils have lower levels of saturated fat than non- competing products and contain no trans fats.”

Indeed, our Omega-9 Oils create a win-win situation for many. In June 2012, The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) announced our Omega-9 Oils as its first Breakthrough to World Challenges, addressing one of the Company’s 2015 Sustainability Goals in the area of health.

In order to be designated as a Breakthrough to World Challenges, Omega-9 Oils passed a rigorous, transparent evaluation by Dow scientists and external stakeholders. Omega-9 Oils, like other candidates in Dow’s R&D pipeline, were evaluated for positive impact on millions of human lives, as well as minimal environmental impact from development through manufacturing, distribution, use and end-life.