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Dow AgroSciences is committed to being a supportive and responsible contributor to our local communities. We actively help improve the quality of life in those communities where our employees live and work and believe that our success is tied to the success of the communities in which we operate. Our Corporate Citizenship program strives to meet the unique needs of each community, while supporting our business and employee community service interests.

Science and technology are at the heart of creating sustainable solutions to many of society’s challenges, therefore we focus our efforts on serving growers and ranchers, preparing tomorrow’s innovators through science education programming, and preserving and protecting the environment. We also provide leadership and take an active role on issues of mutual importance in the communities in which we operate.

Through our Corporate Citizenship efforts, we support three critical areas of need:

Sustainable Agriculture

Through modern agricultural practices, innovations in plant science products and development of novel technologies, Dow AgroSciences supports the production of sufficient quantities of safe and healthy food, while improving the livelihoods of food producers and preserving precious environmental resources for future generations of farmers, ranchers and consumers.

Solutions for food insecurity

With nearly 1 billion hungry people in the world, the challenge of food insecurity is present next door as much as it is in the most destitute, distant regions of the world. And the solutions to food insecurity are as complex as any faced in all of time. The complex challenges of food insecurity require innovative thinking, proven expertise and determination to begin to address them and create sustainable solutions. Hungry people right next door and across the globe need help. Our expertise in agronomic training and deployment, agricultural and small group finance, business management, operations, supply chain, value chain, genetic improvement, marketing, accounting and communications are being put to work to address global food insecurity.

Initial collaborating organizations that will help us achieve our mutual objectives are, on a global scope, AMPATH, CABI Plantwise, and The Earth Institute at Columbia University. To address a virus epidemic in cassava in Africa, we will work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. To address food insecurity in Central Indiana, we will collaborate with and support the Indy Hunger Network, a consortium of hunger relief organizations including Gleaners, Midwest Food Bank, Second Helpings, and Meals on Wheels.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education

Focused primarily on the needs of middle school, high school and undergraduate university students and teachers, we actively support educational institutions, programming, and community activities that serve to identify, nurture and provide incentives in the development of tomorrow’s scientists, technicians, engineers and mathematicians.

Solutions related to STEM education

With less than 30 percent of high school graduates prepared for college-level mathematics and a forecasted 3 million unfilled science-related jobs in the United States by 2018, the need for inspiring, indentifying and nurturing young people to pursue an education and career in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) field is critical.

The Dow Chemical Company and Dow AgroSciences have joined hundreds of other organizations in an effort to support enhancements to STEM education and increase the number of young people entering STEM-related pursuits. In 2012, Dow AgroSciences brought together some of the leading educational institutions and organizations to collaboratively develop a unified strategic initiative to support teachers and students in STEM. During a 12-month planning process, a strategic framework was established to address gaps in teacher professional development and student performance.

The objectives of the Dow AgroSciences Solutions for STEM Education initiative include:

  • Supporting educational institutions, programming and community activities that identify, nurture and provide incentives in the development of tomorrow’s scientists, technicians, engineers and mathematicians;
  • Increasing student and public awareness of the significance of STEM in everyday life and as a career choice; and
  • Enhancing recruitment and retention of qualified STEM teachers.

During a year-long planning process, Dow AgroSciences and collaborating organizations developed a comprehensive strategy that leverages proven STEM education programs and created new programs to benefit K-12 teachers and students. The Dow AgroSciences STEM Education initiative will initially address two educational pathways --- formal education and after-school-education -- and two geographies to start -- Indiana, United States, and Kenya, Africa.

Collaborators in this initiative include:

  • CABI Plantwise
  • Arsenal Tech High School
  • Harshman Magnet Middle School
  • Indiana 4-H Foundation
  • Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Moi University
  • National FFA Foundation
  • North American Agricultural Educators Association
  • Purdue University
  • Science Education Foundation of Indiana
  • The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
  • University of Indianapolis

Community Success

Dow AgroSciences fosters and supports programming that addresses identified and relevant community needs, offers opportunities for our employees to become actively engaged, and aligns with our business and Sustainable Agriculture and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education objectives.

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Each day Dow AgroSciences employees from around the world work to make a difference in their local communities. Read how our employees are putting Corporate Citizenship into action through their global efforts.

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Dow AgroSciences has received the 2014 Spirit of Philanthropy Award from Purdue University School of Science at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). This award honors individuals, corporations and foundations that have greatly contributed through gifts and voluntary services.