The purpose of Dow AgroSciences Resources page is to help you achieve a higher success rate with your pesticide program, and to provide you a means by which you can measure your success.


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Conversion Chart  Use this handy chart to help determine proper usage rates.
Curfew® Authorized Applicators 
Contact a Curfew® Soil Fumigant authorized applicator near you.
Equipment  Information on sprayers, nozzles and granular applicators.
Hand-Weeding Calculator   
News Room   
Product Training  Comprehensive online training tool
Specialist Finder  For more information on Turf & Ornamental solutions and services, contact your local Dow AgroSciences sales representative.
Webinars  Helpful webinars for the lawn, golf and nursery markets.
Protect Yourself 
Handling Precautions 
Application Guidelines 
Label and SDS Finder
Equipment Calibration
Lawn Spray Guns 
Backpack Sprayers 
Boom Type/Tractor Mount Sprayers 
Granular Applicators 





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