Cereal News Updates

Find news updates and press releases from Dow AgroSciences about issues affecting UK cereal production.

Press Releases
March 30, 2014 Act now to avoid broad leaved weed menace in cereals this spring
March 03, 2014 Scottish farmers urged to spray responsibly for leatherjacket control in grass and cereals
January 31, 2014 Twin-track approach to grass weed control this spring
November 01, 2013 Don’t risk delaying brome control – act now for best results
October 31, 2013 Check fields now for evidence of blackgrass growth
October 24, 2013 Maximising Nitrogen Use Efficiency with N-Lock
October 03, 2013 Effective autumn programmes can tackle grassweed menace
October 03, 2013 Autumn application of Broadway Star is best option for brome control
October 03, 2013 SPITFIRE set to attack onslaught of volunteer beans
October 02, 2013 Leatherjackets warning for grass and cereals
September 30, 2013 Winter beans as break crop for black-grass
June 19, 2013 Pestwatch report on Wheat Blossom midge – Match up cereal stages and pupation
May 15, 2013 Flexible, but robust herbicides needed for spring cereals this season
April 18, 2013 Consider flexibility when choosing herbicides this spring
April 16, 2013 Broad-leaved weeds – a particular threat to cereals this spring, warns Dow AgroSciences
April 11, 2013 Prioritise grass weeds but look ahead, says Dow AgroSciences
March 26, 2013 UNITE offers cross-spectrum weed control
March 26, 2013 UNITE offers double bonus to sugar beet growers
March 18, 2013 SPITFIRE gets approval to mix with grass weed herbicides including Atlantis WG
March 07, 2013 Stop cleavers early for top yield protection, advises Dow AgroSciences
February 26, 2013 Wheat Bulb fly egg-hatch progresses, according to last PestWatch report for this season
February 11, 2013 Wheat Bulb fly egg hatch well underway
January 16, 2013 Dow AgroSciences previews new app at LAMMA 2013
January 11, 2013 Pestwatch reports start of Wheat Bulb fly egg hatch
December 17, 2012 Still time to tackle blackgrass this season
November 19, 2012 Worcestershire thumbs up for Broadway Sunrise
November 08, 2012 Emerging grassweeds need treating now, says Dow AgroSciences
October 30, 2012 Dow AgroSciences provide blackgrass options tailored to difficult autumn
October 14, 2012 Farmers ready for change on blackgrass control
September 18, 2012 Don’t rush for optimal blackgrass control
September 03, 2012 Dow AgroSciences shares best practice ideas
August 16, 2012 Young farmer wins iPad for bowling skills
August 13, 2012 Protect valuable potatoes in store this year and reduce volunteer potatoes for next year
August 02, 2012 Legacy means farmers need to start forward planning
July 26, 2012 iPad winner strikes out weeds with UNITE
June 18, 2012 Spitfire skills lands Hants farmer with iPad
June 15, 2012 New product from Dow AgroSciences looks to reduce nitrogen losses
May 30, 2012 Defend your wheat from Wheat Blossom midge with close monitoring via Pestwatch
April 04, 2012 Growers in the West Midlands and the Welsh borders need to tackle wild oats and cleavers
April 03, 2012 Saddle Gall Midge risk indicated by Pestwatch
March 26, 2012 Trials show benefits of pyroxsulam
March 19, 2012 Growers in the Anglia region need to start tackling wild oats, ryegrass and bromes
March 19, 2012 Growers in the Midlands need to start tackling wild oats, ryegrass and bromes
March 02, 2012 Final Pestwatch for Wheat Bulb fly this year
March 01, 2012 Blackgrass plants are stronger than usual this spring
March 01, 2012 Twin action Spitfire brings both strength and simplicity to spring weed control in cereals
February 27, 2012 Farmers and agronomists sing the praises of Broadway Sunrise
February 02, 2012 Free information for farmers facing blackgrass
January 31, 2012 Wheat Bulb fly egg hatch progressing rapidly
January 30, 2012 Excellent pyroxsulam performance this season
January 16, 2012 Early stages of Wheat Bulb fly egg hatch
July 03, 2011 Protect valuable grain from mite and insect pest damage in store
May 23, 2011 ‘Clouds’ of Wheat Blossom midge adults reported on Pestwatch
May 17, 2011 Monitoring Wheat Blossom midge with Pestwatch
April 11, 2011 Pestwatch - Local risk assessment for Leatherjackets required
February 19, 2011 Wheat Bulb fly marches on
February 04, 2011 Optimum time for Dursban WG, as Wheat Bulb fly egg hatch increasing and plant invasion started
January 31, 2011 Managing pasture for horses
January 24, 2011 Wheat Buly fly damage and egg-hatch update
November 10, 2010 iPad win for Nottinghamshire Agronomist
November 10, 2010 iPad win for Northamptonshire Agronomist
October 28, 2010 Frosty mornings: no reason to let up on grassweed control
October 19, 2010 Time for the Sunrise on Winter Wheat
September 23, 2010 Apply pre-em now to use Broadway Sunrise on wheat
September 02, 2010 ADAS Expert Urges Early Action for Weed Control
June 22, 2010 Map grassweed areas now for autumn control, says Dow AgroSciences
June 11, 2010 Targeting mites, weevils and beetles in grain stores
June 11, 2010 Latest news on Wheat Blossom Midge
May 27, 2010 Assessing the risk of Wheat Blossom Midge with Pestwatch
May 17, 2010 Flexible approach required for mid-to-late season cleavers control
May 07, 2010 Controlling cleavers early boosts wheat yields
April 21, 2010 Weather will determine product choice for controlling cleavers
April 20, 2010 Early action on cleavers could save £200 a hectare
April 13, 2010 Tank-mix helps winter cereal growers to get on top of costly weeds
April 01, 2010 Winter wheat treatment still ‘on hold’
March 30, 2010 Brome control in Kent
March 16, 2010 Local Farmer ‘Boxes Clever’ to Take National Prize
March 11, 2010 Local Farmer ‘Boxes Clever’ to Take National Prize
March 08, 2010 Wheat Bulb fly egg-hatch well underway – time for action