United Kingdom

Winter wheat treatment still ‘on hold’

UK - April 01, 2010

Crop protection specialists Dow AgroSciences are urging farmers not to ‘jump the gun’ when it comes to applying post-emergence herbicides to winter wheat this spring.

Dow’s technical expert Stuart Jackson says: “Given the winter which we have had, I am sure many farmers are anxious to get on with spraying. However, for the best results from contact action products, weeds need to be actively growing. A well timed spray of Broadway Star will provide all the weed control many farmers will need this spring. So it is worth waiting to get it right.

“Soil temperature is a useful guide to when to spray. We recommend 8°C as a threshold to get the best results with Broadway Star. In many parts of the country soil temperatures have been around 5-6°C, and they don’t look like improving much with the current cold spell. 

“Waiting a little while longer should prove worthwhile in the long run.”

 Broadway Star, based on pyroxsulam and fluroxypyr, controls ryegrass, bromes and wild oats as well as a wide range of broad leaved weeds.