United Kingdom

Twin action Spitfire brings both strength and simplicity to spring weed control in cereals

UK - March 01, 2012

For spring 2012, Dow AgroSciences cereal herbicide Spitfire offers simplicity in a busy period and will help ward off the increasing threat of herbicide resistance in key broad-leaved weeds.

Spitfire, a unique blend of fluroxypyr and florasulam, was launched in 2011 and proved an immediate success for removing the complexities of broad-leaved weed control in cereals. Not only can it be used in all winter and spring cereal crops, it can be used right through from early spring to early summer.

"Even when day and night temperatures are fluctuating, provided there is active weed growth, Spitfire will prove effective against the key weeds such as cleavers,” says Dow AgroSciences’ cereal herbicide specialist Stuart Jackson.

Spitfire can offer a new approach to the 600,000ha of spring cereals grown in the UK too. The current approach is complex, based on sulphonyl urea chemistry plus other active ingredients. And the challenge gets ever harder as broad-leaved weed resistance becomes an increasing threat.

At present, there is confirmed resistance to ALS products appearing in mayweeds (Germany and UK); in poppy (Spain, Greece, Italy, Denmark, France and UK); and in chickweed (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and UK).

No resistance to florasulam has been detected in the UK to date in poppies or mayweed. Nor has resistance to fluroxypyr been detected. Therefore, Spitfire with its twin action can make a major contribution in the fight to keep resistance at bay.
Spitfire gives top control of the weeds that threaten yield and quality – polygonums and cleavers. The spectrum can be extended by adding CMPP to extend control of hemp nettle, mayweeds, chickweed, black bindweed and fumitory. While using Spitfire with HBN will also control brassicas, speedwells, fumitory, mayweeds and black bindweed.
Whether 1-1.25L/ha of CMPP, or 0.75-1.0L/ha of HBN, is added to 0.75L/ha Spitfire, costs will be little more than standard weed control treatments for spring cereals.

“For spring cereal growers, Spitfire offers a way to achieve effective weed control and fight resistance, while protecting yield and crop quality,” says Mr Jackson.