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putting green

To meet the demanding needs of today's sports, turf managers need to be able to develop and maintain high quality greens, fairways and pitches. Many sports are now being played throughout the year, which puts the turf under extreme pressure and makes it less able to cope with the competition from weeds and the effects of insect pests and diseases.



Weed Management

Slender speedwell

Weeds compete with turfgrasses for light, water and nutrients. They also harbour diseases and insect pests and, critically, affect the playability of the sports surface. Some weeds, such as daisy, clover and slender speedwell, can all be difficult to remove, as their growth habit enables survival even after regular mowing.

Dow AgroSciences now produces a wide range of weed management products to help provide the turf manager with the solutions needed to control weed problems and to maintain high quality of sports and amenity turf.  The range offers effective control of the major problem broad-leaved weeds especially: clover, daisy, buttercup, dandelions and plantains.

The range consists of CABADEX, ESTEEM, GREENOR, JUNCTION and PRAXYS.  All of which draw upon the benefits of at least one of the high performance active ingredients - fluroxypyr, florasulam or clopyralid.  The use of these active ingredients allows low doses and broad spectrum weed control whilst providing outstanding turf grass selectivity.

All the products are rainfast within one to two hours and safe for use on established turf. GREENOR and JUNCTION are also safe on new turf two months after sowing and CABADEX from the two true leaf stage onwards. For best results applications should be made when the weeds are young and actively growing.

Disease Management
Diseases can rapidly effect sports turf surfaces such as golf and bowling greens, by causing the grasses to die, and subsequently reducing the quality of the greens and effecting playability.

Fusarium Patch (Microdochium nivale) is the UK's number one disease which effects over 98% of golf courses and bowling greens. Left uncontrolled, greens can be left scarred by Fusarium Patch for long periods. Fusarium Patch is effectively controlled by the systemic turf fungicide, MASALON.  MASALON can be applied at any time of year provided the grasses are actively growing. Once the product has been absorbed into the leaf it cannot be washed off, and so will not lose its preventative properties.