Grazon Pro provides excellent control of broadleaved dock, curled dock, creeping thistle, spear thistle, common nettle, bramble, broom and gorse in established grassland. Grazon Pro has been formulated specifically for spot treatment.

After application with Grazon Pro, livestock/horses should be excluded for at least 7 days and until the foliage of any poisonous weeds has died and become unpalatable and 28 days before cutting.

Apply through Knapsack only, using a rate of 60 ml Grazon Pro in 10 L of water.

Applications should only be made between 1st March and 31st October.


Best Use Advice Spot treatment with GrazonPro

  • Grazon Pro is a professional use product, therefore ensure all knapsack operators have necessary PA1 and PA6 qualifications
  • Service and maintain knapsack sprayers regularly and calibrate before use
  • Fit an appropriately sized nozzle to deliver a medium to fine spray pattern
  • Users should wear appropriate PPE when mixing and applying Grazon Pro: face shield, gloves, coveralls and rubber boots
  • Apply at the rate stated on the label – for Grazon Pro this is 60 ml in 10 L water
  • Apply chemical to a dry foliage area, avoid applications to disease or pest ridden targets as this will affect the efficacy of the spray
  • Spray to thoroughly wet the foliage of the target weed, but avoid application to the point of run-off.

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pdf icon GRAZON PRO Label (09/2013 290KB PDF)
Safety Data Sheets:
pdf icon GRAZON PRO Safety Data Sheet (11/2012 75KB PDF)
Other Product-Related Literature:
pdf icon GRAZON PRO Technical Information (725KB PDF)
pdf icon GRAZON PRO Farmer Leaflet (392KB PDF)

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