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Pastor is the leading product for broad spectrum weed control in permanent grassland, including common nettle, curled and broadleaved dock, creeping and spear thistle. Whether you have long term pasture, hay meadows or silage fields, Pastor is a suitable product to effectively tackle your weed worries! 

Pastor allows a flexible application program for established grassland management, where rates can be adjusted to suit weed size and spectrum. Single applications and split applications are supported to allow optimum timing for control of weeds.

For best results apply when weeds are actively growing and have reached the optimum growth stage.

 It’s common that weeds emerge at different times and different plants can be at different growth stages.  In this scenario Dow AgroSciences recommend topping to even up growth of targets and applying Pastor to the re-growth 2 – 3 weeks later.

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Safety Data Sheets:
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Other Product-Related Literature:
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