Crossbow® herbicide

Crossbow® herbicide  

Active Ingredient: triclopyr + 2,4-D ester

Profile: Crossbow® herbicide is a postemergent product that targets woody plants and brush – such as blackberries and poison oak – as well as annual and perennial broadleaves, while leaving grasses unharmed.


  • Excellent control of woody plants and brush
  • Excellent control of annual and perennial broadleaves
  • No effect on grasses
  • Can be applied by all types of sprayers, from hand-held models to tractor-mounted spray rigs
  • Except for lactating dairy animals there are no grazing restrictions following the application of Crossbow herbicide
  • Rainfast within two hours

Labeled Crops:
Non-crop use only. Applications can occur in rangeland, permanent grass pastures, Conservation Reserve Program acres, fencerows, non-irrigated ditchbanks, roadsides and industrial sites.

Application Timing:
Postemergent weed control. Crossbow can be applied in-season to foliage or during dormancy. For best results from foliar applications, apply when foliage is actively growing.

Application Rates:
Rates vary depending on target weeds and timing of applications.

For more information on this product, see its label and/or safety data sheet.