Clincher® CA herbicide

Clincher® CA herbicide  

Active Ingredient: cyhalofop-butyl

Profile: Clincher® CA is a postemergence herbicide for selective control of grass weeds in drill- and water-seeded rice in California, with excellent rice safety.

Weeds controlled include early watergrass, sprangletop, barnyardgrass and junglegrass.


  • Excellent postemergence control prior to tillering
  • Wide window of application
  • Excellent fit for pinpoint culture
  • Excellent crop safety
  • Effective under a broad range of temperatures
  • Minimal water hold (7 days)

Labeled Crops:

Application Timing:
From one-leaf stage to 60 days prior to harvest

Application Tips for Water-seeded Rice:
A single postflood application is recommended.  Field must be drained prior to application so that weeds are at least 70 percent exposed.  For best results, allow the soil surface to dry down just enough to allow for ground application.  Do not apply during tillering.

Application Rates:
13 oz./A – up to 4-leaf for sprangletop and early watergrass
(no tillering)

15 oz./A – fully tillered sprangletop

Additional Information:
A crop oil concentrate (COC) must be used. Refer to label for rates.

Based on field research, Clincher CA rapidly metabolizes in both flooded and dry conditions and is relatively immobile in soils. As a result of these properties, there is a low possibility for movement out of treated areas into water systems.

For more information on this product, see its label and/or safety data sheet.

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