Delegate® WG insecticide

Delegate® WG insecticide  

Active Ingredient: spinetoram

Profile: Delegate® WG insecticide uses an innovative new molecule to control numerous destructive pests — including codling moth, Oriental fruit moth, leafminers, psyllas and leafrollers — in pome fruit, stone fruit, tree nuts, berries, citrus and grapes.


  • Outstanding broad-spectrum control of codling moth, Oriental fruit moth, leafrollers, fruitworms, leafminers, grape berry moth, thrips, grape leaf skeletonizer, psyllas, fruit flies and more
  • A new mode of action for superior codling moth control
  • Maintains most populations of beneficial insects; does not flare mites
  • Short, 4-hour re-entry interval, allowing for more convenient completion of other orchard tasks even when early season sprays must be made
  • Short preharvest interval
  • Reduced personal protective equipment requirements
  • Accepted for registration under the U.S. EPA Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative
  • Ideal rotational partner with Intrepid® 2F insecticide to manage resistance

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Application Rate:
Use lower labeled rates for light infestations and smaller trees or plants. Use higher labeled rates for heavy infestations and larger trees or dense foliar canopies. Refer to the product label for specific rates.

Application Timing:
Treatments should closely follow regional spray recommendations and treatment thresholds based on egg hatch, pheromone trap catches and biofix dates.

Codling Moth Control: Manage codling moth infestations early in the season by targeting first-generation moths shortly before egg hatch. For codling moth, egg hatch typically begins at 220 to 250 degree-days (base 50 F) after biofix. For best control, apply Delegate WG to codling moth larvae before they penetrate the fruit.

Refer to the product label for complete application instructions.

For more information on this product, see its label and/or safety data sheet.

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