Treatment Options 

Each bed bug infestation is unique and, therefore, requires a customized treatment plan. However, bed bug fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant is the only treatment method with a 50-year track record of effectively and reliably eradicating all bed bugs infesting a structure, including the egg stage.

Bed bug fumigation with Vikane can be conducted on entire structures (whole-structure), certain parts of a structure (compartmentalized), or certain household items, including box springs and mattresses, which are placed in a chamber to be fumigated.

Fumigation with Vikane® gas fumigant is recommended when you want complete eradication of bed bugs.

Bed bug fumigation is the best option for treating bed bugs when:

  • Immediate eradication of bed bugs is required, such as in multiunit dwellings (hotels, apartments and dormitories), when occupants are highly allergic to bites or when there is zero tolerance for the infestation
  • Repeated crack and crevice applications (liquids, dust and aerosols) have failed
  • Other treatments may damage infested materials, such as high value furnishings or custom mattresses

Alternatives to Bed Bug Fumigation

If fumigation is not conducted, multiple methods of control are generally needed to eliminate bed bugs. These methods include:

  • Steam treatment plus the application of residual insecticides  (liquids, dusts, aerosols) to all voids, cracks and crevices where bed bugs could hide
  • Laundering, including drying in a hot dryer, or dry cleaning all bedding, curtains and clothing that might be infested
  • Heat treatment of infested items or the structure itself

These methods of bed bug control are less effective than fumigation. With residual insecticides multiple treatments are the rule, not the exception, because it is difficult to locate all the areas requiring treatment. For one thing, bed bugs can fit into a space the thickness of a business card. For another, infestations are often widely dispersed. Moreover, bed bugs have become increasingly resistant to many residual insecticides, increasing the need for bed bug fumigation.

Heat treatments require a great deal of expertise and preparation to avoid causing damage to the structure and its contents.

Additional things to consider about alternative methods of treatment:

  • Other treatments may damage infested materials, such as high-value furnishings or electronics.
  • Other treatments may not be permitted for application to all materials that could be infested with bed bugs, including mattresses, linens and clothing. When applied according to label requirements, Vikane® gas fumigant only requires a single treatment to eradicate bed bugs infesting a building.
  • Vikane® gas fumigant completely dissipates from the structure being fumigated and leaves no surface residue, odor or film behind, eliminating the need to wash linens, clothing or other items after fumigation.

In 2009, The New York Real Estate Journal published an article about the benefits of using Vikane® gas fumigant from the perspective of Donna Bossuyt, a New York business development manager for a fumigation specialists’ group. Ms. Bossuyt opens with a lament she hears almost daily from landlords, property owners, and tenants: “I wish I would have known about Vikane fumigant treatment first.” Read why.

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