Dow AgroSciences puts a strong emphasis on training and education for professional herbicide applicators. That’s why we started the VM Radio series — an informational podcast tool that discusses industry topics and offers solutions for today’s vegetation manager. This is your source for the latest news about things related to the VM industry. Each episode of our podcast series is listed below. And if you’ve got something you’d like to hear about, let us know





Title Description Duration 
Episode 1: Public Sensitivity to Herbicides  Dr. Lloyd Hipkins, a senior research associate with Virginia Tech, discusses his research efforts with Garlon® 4 Ultra specialty herbicide and the benefits it offers to vegetation managers. 8 min., 48 sec.
Episode 2: Combining Mechanical and Herbicide Treatments  Arborchem Products, a division of Asplundh, has established the "No Stump Left Behind" Challenge, which Joe Lentz, vice president of Arborchem, explains. He also talks about the long-term benefits of supplementing mechanical treatments with herbicide applications. 8 min., 53 sec.
Episode 3: The Constant Battle with Invasive Species  As invasive plant species become more of a concern for vegetation managers, Dr. David Moorhead of the University of Georgia explains the invasives landscape and offers educational information. 8 min., 28 sec.
Episode 4: A Focus on Container Management  With new EPA regulations and the constant need for employee safety, Dr. Fred Whitford from Purdue University discusses herbicide container management issues and offers tips for poly tank monitoring. 7 min., 52 sec.
Episode 5: Reduced Risk Pesticides  Dr. John Jachetta with Dow AgroSciences reviews the EPA's Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative. He also discusses the role of herbicides in benefiting ecosystems by controlling invasive and noxious plant species. 8 min., 54 sec.
Episode 6: Dow AgroSciences, Herbicides and the Environment  As the economy continues to slump, those within the industry need to look for ways to be more efficient without sacrificing surrounding ecosystems. Nikki Hall, marketing manager for Dow AgroSciences U.S. vegetation management business, discusses these topics and how Dow AgroSciences contributes to the green movement. 3 min., 27 sec.