Product Information Sheets

Recent research is only a click away. View several research studies explaining why the Sentricon® System  is so effective.

Effect of Salt Water on Exposed Recruit® HD Bait   Hurricane-related flooding may expose termite bait to salt water. Researchers at Dow AgroSciences wanted to know if bait exposed to salt water results in termite repellency with Recruit HD termite bait, the bait used in the Sentricon system.

Elimination of Six Colonies   This study details specifics of the elimination of six separate termite colonies around a residential home in Laurel, Miss.

Indianapolis Site Summary   A home in Indianapolis reported swarming termites. Learn how total colony elimination was achieved with the Sentricon System.

Palatability and Termite Mortality Results   Learn about palatability and mortality rates for several species of termites using Recruit® HD termite bait.

Blank Bait Matrix Used for Recruit HD Preferred Over Wood   Read a study that indicates termites prefer blank bait matrix used for Recruit HD over wood.

Replacing Recruit HD Termite Bait    Learn when Recruit HD termite bait should be replaced.