Arylex Active

Arylex Active is an exciting, new broad-leaved herbicide active ingredient for cereals.

  • The first active from a new family of chemistry
  • Broad spectrum, post emergence control of broad-leaved weeds
  • Consistent weed control in variable climatic conditions
  • Rapid degradation in soil and straw
  • Excellent rotational cropping profile without the need for any specific cultivations prior to sowing rotational crops
  • Low use rate technology (6g – 10g)
  • Favorable toxicological and ecological profile




  • poppy
  • fat hen
  • cranesbill
  • fumitory
  • dead-nettle
  • cleavers
  • chickweed
  • and many more

Arylex – Herbicidal activity

  • A contact, systemic herbicide mainly absorbed by foliage
  • No residual activity
  • Translocated through the phloem and xylem, and accumulates in meristematic tissue
  • Typical hormonal symptoms and speed of kill – quicker than ALS