About Us

Dow AgroSciences is a valuable partner in India’s agriculture story. It helps farmers improve yields through superior plant genetics, pest management solutions and scientific farming knowledge dissemination thereby contributing to meeting India’s food security and nutritional agenda. Dow AgroSciences India’s parent company, headquartered in Indianapolis, USA, employs more than 8,000 people worldwide. It has over 1,800 employees in R&D facilities globally -- almost a third of the workforce -- discovering and developing solutions that support farmers around the world.

Dow AgroSciences existed as De-Nocil prior to becoming a 100% subsidiary of Dow AgroSciences LLC, USA in February 2005.

The state of art manufacturing facility located 250 kms from Mumbai at Lote- Parashuram, Maharashtra has been consistently maintaining the highest standards of safety. The plant also houses a crop protection R&D centre duly recognized by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Government of India.

The plant at Lote- Parashuram, Maharashtra is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, located, 250 kms from Mumbai. This plant has won the British safety council award in 1995 and has been consistently maintaining the highest standards of safety.

The Seeds and Traits (S&T) and Bio-Technology business has a R&D station located at Dabilpur, near Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. This centre has a full-fledged molecular laboratory facility and a 10 acre farm for enabling the breeding work for corn & cotton crops.

Dow AgroSciences is committed to Three Broad Objectives:

  • Prosperity - through unique hybrid seeds that provide higher yields, innovative pest management solutions and the effective use of technology for greater productivity and sustainable yields.
  • Security - by supporting India’s food and nutritional security agenda through strategic and balanced investment in innovative agriculture technologies.
  • Sustainability - through a gamut of agri-solutions that are farmer-and planet-friendly.

Corporate Value

Our values at Dow AgroSciences (DAS) clearly articulate our expectations as an organization - what we hold to be fundamental to our culture. It is imperative that all of us, as employees at DAS, ensure these Values are maintained and are constantly made real to every DAS person

  • Sustainability
  • Protecting our planet
  • Respect for people

At Dow AgroSciences, we constantly strive to improve what is essential to human progress by mastering science and technology. We do this through:

  • Responsible pest control
  • Aiding the production of an abundant, nutritious food supply
  • The use of plants as a renewable resource to produce new and improved agricultural outputs.