Dow AgroSciences India launches Strongarm™


The Dow AgroSciences India team added another feather to their cap with the launch of a new herbicide for the soybean segment named Strongarm™. The product is designed and optimised for pre emergence application in the soybean crop; protecting them from major weeds causing enormous loss to the crop. While effectively controlling weeds Strongarm™ is absolutely safe for the soybean crop and does not cause any phytotoxicity.

Strongarm™ is powered by Diclosulam, the active ingredient from Dow AgroSciences that is being used across major soybean growing countries worldwide. In India it is targeted to benefit soybean growers across the country; especially in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra and Karnataka. This product is primarily designed for progressive farmers who want prosperous lives by switching over to latest technologies for growing crops.

Speaking at the launch Suresh Ramachandran, Country Manager, DAS India said “Dow AgroSciences aims at delivering innovative technologies that improve the quality of life for the growing population – serving their needs through pest and vegetation management solutions. Strongarm™ aims at being one of the technologies that will help in improving the quality of soybean”. Further, he emphasised that soybean farmers can get the best results, when Strongarm™ is used efficiently during 0-3 days stage of the crop and at the correct dosage.