Sustainable Agriculture

LaRonandKidsThrough modern agricultural practices, innovations in plant science products and development of novel technologies, Dow AgroSciences supports the production of sufficient quantities of safe and healthy food, while improving the livelihoods of food producers and preserving precious environmental resources for future generations of farmers, ranchers and consumers.

Solutions for Food Insecurity

With nearly 1 billion hungry people in the world, the challenge of food insecurity is a complex global issue that will require innovative thinking, proven expertise and determination to mobilize continued sustainable solutions in response. Our expertise in agronomic training and deployment, agricultural and small group finance, business management, operations, supply chain, value chain, genetic improvement, marketing, accounting and communications will all be instrumental in feeding our growing world for generations to come.

Initial collaborating organizations that will help us achieve our mutual objectives are, on a global scale, AMPATH and CABI Plantwise. To address food insecurity in Central Indiana, we continue to collaborate with and support the Indy Hunger Network, a consortium of hunger relief organizations including Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Midwest Food Bank, Second Helpings, Crooked Creek Food Pantry and Meals on Wheels.