People create solutions

Our 9,000 employees around the world are proud to be part of a healthy and sustainable food production system. We take seriously the trust that is placed in us to create solutions — for you and for the growing world. Working together, we help ensure a safe, affordable supply of food, feed, and fiber.

The more we talk together, the more we solve together.

Partnerships around the globe make us a leader in collaborations that lead to better solutions. Our employees are aligned, engaged and accountable, whether they are scientists, marketers and product specialists — or moms, dads and grandparents. Each day, they bring their unique perspectives and natural curiosity to make sure our products and services meet global needs as well as their families’ needs for sustenance, comfort and safety.

Diverse perspectives

Our culture fosters collaboration and an appreciation of diverse perspectives. We have a number of diversity networks and special interest groups - each with a senior executive sponsor – to bring together people to share experiences, find mentors, seek professional development, and gain access to senior leadership. Networking, coaching, and mentoring provide additional opportunities for people to grow personally and professionally throughout their careers.

Investing in our company's most valuable asset: people.

We invest in the development of our employees because people are the heart of our company. We focus on continuous learning and leadership development throughout our employees’ careers, and we empower our people with a determined entrepreneurial spirit to develop sustainable agricultural innovations that lead to greater choices in our growing world.



Dow AgroSciences has a number of Diversity and Inclusion networks for our employees to participate in, including:

African American Network

Asian Diversity Network

Disability Employee Network

Gay, Lesbian and Allies at Dow

Hispanic-Latin Network

Women's Innovation Network