Dow AgroSciences Indonesia launches Tenano 360SC

Dow AgroSciences Indonesia recently launched Tenano 360SC (Spinoxy) in key area planted with Rice. 700 farmers came to the venue of launch event to see how the new technology called “Ovicidal Effect” from Tenano 360SC worked better than current insecticide products. Farmers have positively accepted Tenano 360SC as new solution & new way to eliminate Rice Stem Borer (RSB).

All Dow AgroSciences Indonesia sales local team, marketing. & R&D collaborated to make this event Success and of course Tenano 360 SC accepted in Farmers.

This is a very good start for the local business as Tenano 360SC will be a strategic product for Dow AgroSciences Indonesia’s growth in future.


 Tenano360SCLaunch  Tenano360SCLaunch1