Research and Development

Research & Development (R&D) is a global function within Dow AgroSciences. R&D focuses on discovery and development of new products, technologies and supporting existing products. This complex and demanding task requires the cooperation of more than 2000 Scientists working at 61 research sites worldwide.

R&D offers state-of-the art facilities and the opportunity to team with skilled and dedicated researchers globally. This international team focuses on growing our business by creating a product line for the future. And as a team member, a Professional Career Progression (PCP) is offered for your continued advancement. The PCP rewards individuals who are interested in pursuing a scientific career.

Research and DevelopmentCandidate Profile
Developing new and innovative solutions for our growing population is no small task. It takes a team of dedicated and passionate individuals that are willing to come together to bring creative solutions that are both practical and applicable. Our company’s future depends on our research and development, and we are looking for talent that will provide ideas that will push us forward and bring others onboard. Our scientists are leaders, and must be willing to invest in both solutions as well as the people around them.