Agricultural Solutions Pipeline

Dow AgroSciences Pipeline

The road from the discovery of a molecule or trait to its introduction to the market is long and costly:

  • A crop protection chemical takes about 10 years and $256 million to progress from discovery through commercialization.
  • A plant biotechnology trait makes the same journey in an average of 13.1 years and costs approximately $136 million.

Each promising candidate must clear increasingly significant hurdles to move from Discovery to Pre-Development to Development to Launch. 

Launch is just the halfway point. Dow AgroSciences R&D continues to be involved through the marketing phase, and then explores ways to extend the life of the product through different formulations or combinations with other products.

Throughout the life cycle of our solutions, Dow AgroSciences is committed to product stewardship. We operate under the principles of Responsible Care®, a voluntary initiative of the global chemical industry to safely handle our products from inception in the research laboratory, through manufacture and distribution, to ultimate reuse, recycle and disposal, and to involve the public in our decision-making processes.

Responsible Care® is a registered service mark of the U. S. American Chemistry Council.