Edu-tain Your Herd

DairyCowFOFIn a world where everything is a swipe, click or a touch away we can easily forget that there is a behind-the-scenes process of how our products, services and goods become available to us. One of the biggest products in our lives is always sitting on the shelf right when we need it; food. But how does it get there?

It’s hard to understand or even think about where our food comes from when it’s so easily accessible. We just go to the grocery store and simply pick up a gallon of milk or a carton of eggs without thinking about how those products actually got there. As a mom, I try to educate my child on as much as I possibly can – even where his food comes from. I believe that knowing where your food comes from is important for all of us to understand.

I remember going to get my son some dinner. Of course, one of his favorite foods are cheeseburgers. He didn’t understand what a cheeseburger was made of and never really asked me any questions until one day, at age five, in the midst of all of the thousands of ‘why’ questions, he asked “mom, how do I make cheese?” Luckily, I had some answers.

“The cheese comes from a cow?” He was perplexed when I explained things to him.

Questions like these make me extremely proud to be a part of an organization that is excited to provide the answers, especially for the kids.

Fair Oaks Farms is one of the nation’s leading agritourism destinations located right in the corn belt of Northwest Indiana. The idea behind the farm was to educate the public about modern farming practices in the most transparent way, all while entertaining our guests so that not only do they get an understanding on where their food is coming from, but also that they have fun while they do it. We like to call this process “Edu-tainment”.

So why is it so important to understand this whole process? Why should a child learn that his or her cold glass of milk came from a hardworking farmer, a mixture of healthy feed and one very happy cow?

"With less than 2% of the U.S. population making a living from production agriculture we believe it’s important for children to gain an understanding as to where their food is produced, " said Gary Corbett, CEO of Fair Oaks Farms.FOFPig

Farming has declined drastically in the U.S. Since 1910, the amount of farmers in the United States has dropped by an estimated 30% while the population has increased by approximately 250%. That’s a whole lot of mouths to feed and not a lot of farmers to feed them!

Our idea is to show our guests that this process is good, that we are treating our animals well and that we want to provide you with the most nutritious products that we can possibly create, all while keeping up with an ever-growing population. We get to control the whole process; from what we feed our cows, how they are treated and how our products are made.

Here at Fair Oaks Farms; we are no longer a dairy farm only. We now proudly educate the public about pig farming, the importance of crops and what the future will hold for us all. We open our doors to you so that you and your children can understand and start a discussion about the importance of farming and agriculture.

A brand new Dairy Adventure is coming soon!

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Rusk_LeslieBorn in Rensselaer, Indiana, Leslie Rusk has always had a knack for creating and developing new ideas. After graduating high school, Leslie attended Indiana University Bloomington where she studied visual communications and managed and operated a small business in the downtown area. In 2011, Leslie relocated to the Northwest Indiana region where she began work at Fair Oaks Farms as the Adventure Coordinator and then quickly moved on to her marketing and event planning role with the company. Leslie was recently nominated as one of Northwest Indiana’s Most Influential Women in the up and coming category for marketing. Leslie is currently the Marketing and Events Director at Fair Oaks Farms – an agritourism destination located in Northwest Indiana.