Online grocery shopping: How does it affect your buying choices

I have realized that grocery shopping online is becoming more and more popular. In fact, online shopping in general has been popular for years. It is very convenient, especially if there is not a store or product near your area.

Now, when it comes to grocery shopping, you can order your groceries from Amazon and have it delivered the next day. You have 24/7 access. Kroger has a setup called Clicklist where you can order your items online and pick them up at a reserved time or have them delivered, where the service is available. Even Walmart has online grocery pickup and delivery.

Online shopping becomes very convenient for parents working full-time. However, how does purchasing food online affect our food buying choices?

In my opinion, online shopping doesn’t give you a full experience. When shopping in-store, not only do you get exercise, but you also have the ability to examine the nutrition facts, ingredients and price of the products you are interested in buying. Of course, you are likely to spend more time at the grocery store than online, but when you spend time at the grocery store, you are dedicating more time to valued choices.

Also, with some websites, you could spend more money online than in-store. Personally, I prefer social interaction, time to look at my choices and saving money by continuing my habit of brick and mortar shopping. As you determine what approach is best for your family, here are a few benefits of online and in-store grocery shopping to keep in mind:

Online Shopping Benefits:
  • Avoid employees
  • Take less time away from loved ones
  • Ability to read through thousands of reviews
  • Don’t have to get dressed
  • Low effort
  • Ability to research prices
  • Access 24/7

In-Store Shopping Benefits:
  • Physical touch – view quality
  • More of a bonding experience if you bring your family with you
  • Less money spent on shipping
  • Quick purchases
  • Exercise

DehringLinzieLinzie Dehring is a Document Administrator/Administrative Assistant at DowAgroSciences in Indianapolis, IN. She received her Bachelors in Business Administration with a triple major in Advertising, Marketing and Management from Northwood University in Midland, MI in 2010. She has over a decade of experience with Management Systems and has a passion for Continuous Improvement while challenging and educating others.