Don’t live on a farm? Me either.

I get it. I really do. I didn’t grow up on a farm. And I really would not want to have to grow my own food. Some people have a passion for the farm life. And we owe those people a debt of gratitude. Without them, we would not have a wealth of choices in the grocery store.

Saying that I don’t want to grow my own food does not mean that I don’t care about what my family eats. I have two teenage boys and they eat…A LOT! Even before I started working in agriculture, I was a label-reader. Yes, my husband always wondered why it took me 2 hours to grocery shop. Because I want to know that I am not giving my kids something that is loaded with a ton of sugar or calories, or that is expired or comes from a questionable source.  Robinsons

I am not a good cook, but I love to watch those videos on Facebook where people are making a good-looking dish in 30 seconds (you know what I am talking about!). I follow health- and women-related Facebook groups and companies. I, like most people (women in particular), am always looking for the latest and greatest in how to stay healthy and keep my family healthy.

This hasn’t changed since I started working for Dow AgroSciences and got to pose my questions face-to-face to our scientists and decision-makers. I have learned so much about where our food comes from, how safety is involved and about food and hunger issues around the world. I have also learned that there are some people that don’t support innovation in agriculture. Our industry, and by extension the people who are passionate about growing our food, are often under attack. Before I started working here, I just took the things that I saw online at face value. No more. Now I question everything (and that is a good thing). Questioning things is how our scientists work. Always asking “what if?” or “is this the right thing to do?”. My questions these days include:


I also question claims that appear to be absolute. Don’t eat this. Only eat that. Every person’s situation is different and for the most part absolutes should be considered with a grain of salt. If something sounds ominous, I investigate more before making a decision that will affect me and my family. We all have our biases. One thing that is not biased is sound science. That's why I look to organizations that are highly-respected and use sound scientific principles.

So, I get it. I question. I read. I am diligent. Just like you. Because I care about my health and the health of my family. And I support modern agriculture because I question. Because I read. Because I am diligent.

RobinsonAndi300dpiAndi Robinson is the Global Digital Communications Manager for Dow AgroSciences. She coordinates digital and social media communications for the company. Andi, along with her husband and two sons, make their home just south of Indianapolis, Indiana.