Biotechnology Stewardship

As a Responsible Care® company and founding member of Excellence Through Stewardship®, Dow AgroSciences is engaged in a variety of outreach activities to build strong working relationships with its stakeholders. Some of these activities include hosting facility tours, conducting stakeholder surveys, collaborating on special projects, promoting sustainable agricultural practices and implementing educational programs highlighting the responsible use and benefits of our technology. We are also committed to transparent dialogue with our stakeholders, including members of the agriculture value chain, policymakers, customers, and members of the public.

For many years, Dow AgroSciences has been engaged in ongoing dialogue with members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) on a variety of topics from biotechnology to sustainability. During 2014, Dow AgroSciences participated in several meetings with ICCR to share information on our new products and address their questions. Following is a summary of our commitment to ICCR regarding the responsible introduction of the Enlist™ Weed Control System:

In response to stakeholder environmental and health impact concerns, Dow AgroSciences, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, commits to the annual public disclosure of compliance measures and performance related to the use of the Enlist Weed Control System. Specific performance metrics will be defined as Dow learns more and interacts with all growers during the stewarded introduction of Enlist Weed Control System in 2015. Disclosure will also include metrics focusing on product performance. Based on an initial assessment, these metrics will focus on grower training, compliance with label requirements, compliance with technology use agreements, as well as relevant measures of environmental and human health impact, including, but not limited to, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements. In the event of non-compliance, Dow will assess the underlying cause and provide steps for remediation.

Reporting Metrics and Information for 2015 Season: Enlist corn stewarded introduction in the United States

Dow AgroSciences is pleased to report the following information related to the use of the Enlist™ Weed Control System during its corn stewarded introduction in the United States. All growers using the Enlist Weed Control System were trained on the best management practices contained within the Product Use Guide (PUG) and all growers signed the Dow AgroSciences Technology Use Agreement (TUA). As part of our stewardship program, Dow AgroSciences followed up with 100% of the relatively small number of participating growers using the Enlist Weed Control System to ascertain compliance with stewardship and TUA requirements. As evidenced by follow-up surveys and on-farm visits, growers are aware of stewardship procedures, are routinely utilizing information made available to them via TUA’s, PUG’s and our Enlist Ahead program, and implementing best practices. There were no allegations of adverse effects (e.g., human health, environmental, off-target movement), or alleged compliance incidents associated with the use of Enlist products. Dow AgroSciences received very positive feedback from growers on the technology. Dow AgroSciences is committed to promoting the responsible use and stewardship of its products. We will continue to provide Enlist 360 training and promote the Enlist Ahead management resource with growers and applicators to help them get the best results from the Enlist Weed Control System.

Compliance reporting of growers using the Enlist Weed Control System at the end of subsequent growing seasons will continue, with performance and progress reported in the company’s sustainability section of the Dow AgroSciences website and linking to the Enlist website.

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