Excellence Through Stewardship

Dow AgroSciences is proud to be a Founding Member of Excellence Through Stewardship® (ETS), a non-profit educational organization established to promote the responsible management of plant biotechnology, primarily by developing and encouraging implementation of product stewardship programs and quality management systems and by educating the public about these practices. ETS is the first industry coordinated initiative to provide stewardship and quality management programs for the full plant biotechnology product life cycle.

As a member of ETS, Dow AgroSciences is committed to: 1) adhering to the ETS Stewardship Objectives, Principles and Management Practices, 2) assisting in the development and dissemination of guides to understanding and implementing stewardship and quality management systems; and 3) having independent third-party stewardship audits of its plant biotechnology activities.

Through the ETS initiative, Dow AgroSciences and the other members intend to promote the responsible use of agriculture biotechnology, the continued global adoption of plant biotechnology, and the enhanced value of biotechnology-derived plant products in the market place.

Additional information about ETS is available.