Insect Resistance Management

Dow AgroSciences strongly supports the development and implementation of Insect Resistance Management programs for products with insect-resistant traits, such as Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) technology. IRM plans are designed to decrease the likelihood of resistance development, and includes requirements such as planting and managing refuge of non-insect-resistant crops adjacent to, nearby, or blended with commercial crops with Bt technology. Where feasible, Dow AgroSciences has introduced Refuge Advanced products, blending the refuge with the Bt seed, enabling growers to more easily meet refuge requirements.

In addition to IRM, growers of crops with Bt technology should also consider integrated pest management (IPM) practices, that include cultural and biological control tactics to further protect the durability and sustainability of DAS traited seed products.

We also work closely with others in the industry and regional seed associations and organizations to provide educational materials and conduct assessments of IRM implementation and practices at the grower level.

These initiatives will help ensure the effectiveness of insect-protected traits – such as those in our family of Herculex® Insect Protection products, PowerCore™, and SmartStax™ corn, Refuge Advanced™ products, and WideStrike™ Insect Protection and WideStrike™3 Insect Protection cotton varieties – and protect the growing options for producers around the world.

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As a member of Excellence Through Stewardship®, Dow AgroSciences’ IRM policies and procedures are audited by an external third party auditor to verify that appropriate stewardship programs and quality management systems are in place.