Product Information

The development of new genetic traits, and their expression in seed products, as well as seed products with special attributes, provides a wide range of benefits for food, feed, and fiber producers and consumers around the world. At Dow AgroSciences:

  • We support the transparency and availability of health and safety information on our products.
  • We label our products according to the regulations of the jurisdictions in which they are sold.
  • We support label decisions made by individual value chains in compliance with applicable regulations.
  • We support cooperative efforts among government agencies and value chains to provide a framework for consumer protection and choice.
  • We proactively support and engage in educational efforts to help provide the public with reliable, science-based information about our products and their application.

Product Safety Assessments

Dow AgroSciences is committed to making safety assessments for its products publicly available. The following product safety assessments are intended to provide general health, safety, and environmental information on our products:

For stewardship information, including Product Use Guides, visit: Dow AgroSciences’ Trait Stewardship website.

For regulatory and market status of biotechnology products visit: BIOTradeStatus Database.