Product Integrity

The objective of this policy is to comply with Dow AgroSciences' strong commitment to product stewardship and to comply with all applicable regulations.

Dow AgroSciences and its agents will not sell or distribute pesticide products containing any extraneous ingredients at concentrations which could cause regulatory or performance issues.

This policy applies to all commercially available Dow AgroSciences registered and labeled products, any products approved for use under a pre-registration use permit, as well as any products for which Dow AgroSciences is acting as an agent for another company. Experimental samples prepared for field trials and other studies are covered under good laboratory practice requirements.

In the pesticide industry, if non-dedicated equipment is utilized in the development, production, packaging, transportation and distribution of pesticides, there is a potential for introduction of extraneous ingredients into products. The presence of extraneous ingredients in a pesticide product may cause crop residues in excess of local regulations, adverse biological effects to the crops or other target plant species on which the pesticide is applied, adverse ecological effects, and/or impaired physical performance of the product. Dow AgroSciences believes that the level of concentration of extraneous ingredients allowed by this policy will not cause adverse biologically, ecologically, or toxicologically significant effects and will comply with all applicable regulations.