Crop Protection Innovation

We have a diverse portfolio of insecticide, herbicide, fungicide and fumigant technologies for customers around the globe. Our innovation process begins and ends with farmers and ranchers understanding their needs today and anticipating their needs tomorrow so we that we can provide the right technology at the right time.


Click the image below to view the Citrus Wheel.



Citrus Wheel


Our research encompasses chemical solutions that help with:

  • Crops – controlling weeds, insects and diseases in the field
  • Vegetation – keeping forestry areas, utility rights-of-way, railroads and roadways free of weeds and brush
  • Range and pasture – helping ranchers and livestock producers control weeds and bushes
  • Turf and ornamental – allowing golf courses, lawns, landscapes, greenhouses and nurseries to thrive
  • Urban pests – controlling the insects that cause structural damage to homes, commercial buildings and historical structures around the world